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1. April 2005, I was in a little circus in my town. From this day I was sure I would stand in the manege one day.
The Wednesday after, the 6. april, I found 3 balls, at began from this day to pracktice 5 hour each day.

At August 2006, I started on a circus school in Århus here in Denmark.

25. februar 2007, I took with a circus called Cirkus Charlie, on their tour that year. "My dream had come true".

After that tour, I would have a education, and the music took all my time at the next couple of years.

Now I have started to pracktice again, and I hope you will enjoy my videoes.

Thank you!

Mikael Østergaard Nielsen



11. Marts 1988

Where are you from:

Close to Skive in Denmark.

How long do you have juggling:

Since 6 apri 2005.

What do you doing else:

Playing music in a band called High Voltage (, and work as a greenhouse gardener.